A random thought

By Reuben.

According to the bible (you know…the one with the Jesus chap), God gave us our attributes in his name so we could go out and prosper. So why did he give us reason? Reason, unashamedly, points to there being no God; no giant celestial dictator. But assuming he exists, why did he equip us with logic that shows he doesn’t exist? What motivation could God possibly have?

This is just one idea I’ve been playing about; I shall be doing a major post later on how you can disprove God’s existence purely by relying on biblical material. Fun stuff.


17 Responses to A random thought

  1. God has a funny sense of humour.

  2. Oskar says:

    I have often thought that blind faith is an odd gift to give to the creator of human reason.
    In a discussion with a christian I was told that we are made in god’s image, so have some kind of all his lesser version or each of his traits (apparently evidence that god has a sense of humor). I then asked about our negative traits and was told that we have these in order to have free will (we must have the ability to choose). Perhaps our ability to reason is one of these negative traits.
    I’m still not convinced of this reasoning, because there is no way to distinguish between which of our traits is a mirror of one of god’s and which are negative except our own internal moral compass (which too could be one of the traits that god lacks).

  3. steve4060 says:

    I wonder why you seem to show a sarcastic contempt to some how try to say you think you are so very wise and smart,by throwing random thoughts with not much to explain much depth of thought.

    Here a reasonable thought,where did life and everything else begin? And how does reason disprove God,I would say quite the opposite. I think reason proves the existence of God. Remember we have imperfect knowledge of a fallen nature,based on mankind’s decision to sin and having a pridefull nature to think we have all the answers,until “random” chance shows us we don’t and we are reminded how very little we do control and how many things work that we can’t see with our eyes.

    Think about it.

  4. Brian says:

    “Here a reasonable thought,where did life and everything else begin?”

    Cardiff, 1876, shortly after God asked for proof of his own existence and disappeared in a puff of logic.

  5. steve4060 says:

    It was mentioned about blind faith. But if you don’t believe in God,then what does your hope lie in?
    We all have faith in something,if not God,what? yourself?

  6. Reuben says:

    My god, Steve. Punctuation please!!1!

    I think Steve needs to stop throwing creationist memes everywhere. You wouldn’t find a self-respecting theologian anywhere that would unreservedly state that God’s existence could be supported by any modicum of evidence or logic. The truth is quite the opposite.

    Here’s a reasonable answer: The Big Bang. We don’t know what happened before that. God is certainly no explanation. If there is a God, what created that? It’s an infinite regress of ‘God before God’.

    I have hope that believers might come to their sensors and people like you would do some actual reading before throwing an ad hominem attack into the arena.

  7. Brian says:

    “But if you don’t believe in God,then what does your hope lie in?”

    Pork bellies. (I was going to say the educational system for a moment there, but having witnessed Steve’s grammar I changed my mind.)

  8. Oskar says:

    Where does my hope “lie in”?
    Well I suppose an honest answer (as much as I don’t like to admit it) is humanity. I know there is no real reason for this and it is probably a vain hope that is likely to let me down, but it is the only hope that I can have without compromising my own values and ideals.
    As a justification for this being the source of my ‘faith’ I can offer only that I am probably compelled to have faith in humanity by my genes (it is not difficult to see how a faith in humanity could be an advantageous adaptation).
    All that said, my faith is only a hope. I have never said that humanity will without doubt succede or even that I think we probably will.

    Rueben, Steve said ‘life’ not ‘the universe’, so unless you know something I don’t, the big bang is not a good answer.
    Neither is ‘the big bang’ a good answer to how the universe started, but it is a more common one.
    To the questions of ‘how the universe started’ and ‘how life started’ I could offer educated guesses, but in reality I don’t know. The essence of what well informed atheists are really trying to say is that not knowing should not automatically call on a god to provide an answer.

  9. Brian says:

    My own theory runs like this. Like most things in their natural, unaltered state, time is spherical and therefore self-contained. If you travel in a chronologically straight line for long enough you’ll end up back where you started. This means that, due to recursion, no matter how far you travel, there’s no edge to the universe, even though it is of finite space. It also means there was no begining or end to life/the universe/everything. Makes sense to me. Better than there being a big Father Christmas figure with an oedipus complex hovering about in the sky somewhere at any rate.

  10. Nick says:

    wait what. Since when does reason “unashamedly point to there being no God” ?
    While both sides of this debate have declared victory, this shit is still underway. Meanwhile the people in the grey area and those who couldn’t give a shit about this argument are bored shitless.

  11. Brian says:

    “…those who couldn’t give a shit about this argument are bored shitless.”


    I can’t help thinking that anybody who’s bored shitless by this ‘debate’ has got several million other websites to chose from and, presumably, enough strength to operate the mouse button and bugger off. I personally enjoy a good old fashioned pointless stirring of polemic views.

  12. Oskar says:

    Also, I feel I should be recognised as a ‘side’ in this argument and I haven’t declared victory (if anything I have declared antivictory for everyone [antivictory is a word I should use more often]).

  13. Brian says:


    I used to have an Auntie Victor. He started out as Uncle Victor, then got halfway through his gender realignment surgery and changed his mind.

  14. Sanders says:

    If logic points to there being no creator. How do you define logic?

  15. Reuben says:

    Aside from the dictionary definition, there are a few various ways of defining logic…but I think when it comes to disproving the existence of a creator, we’re talking about deductive reasoning. E.g. A god as powerful as the one described in the bible would need no convincing of his own existence. So why bother praying?

  16. graemebird says:

    It would be good if you could refute some of it dopey. You are a false advertiser Rubeyn.

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