A young Absolutist

By Reuben.

Recently, there has been much discussion on religious fundamentalists. One particular fundamentalist, fourteen-year old Jonathon Krohn, has been hogging the Republican limelight of late with the release of his new book, ‘Defining Conservatism’. The guy has a blog too. And this is what I found:

Conservatism is not a viewpoint for wimps. Conservatism is a viewpoint of hardcore values. We cannot give into the sway of moderate views. This ideology, lack there of, is creeping into the ideological camps of both Liberalism and Conservatism. We must not give into the ideological pressure of moderates and, thereby, dilute our viewpoint. A watered down version of Conservatism does not inspire the same flame as the viewpoint itself, in its entirety. A Conservative revolution is impossible, unless Conservatism is left intact. An influx of moderate views into the Conservative camp can only be destructive of Conservatism, and will only contribute to creating a bleaker future for the Conservative movement. In sum, Conservatives must stick to their values, and never change those values. Conservatism is Conservatism, and it must not be changed by moderate views.

Conservatism might as well be a synonym for religious extremism, if this particular pre-pubescent is to be trusted in his lurid definitions of ‘conservatism’. It’s scary that, at such a young – and highly impressionable – age, he’s already on the path to Absolutism. It wouldn’t be naive to suggest that pious religion thrives in such mindsets.


3 Responses to A young Absolutist

  1. Bron says:

    I find it interesting that in the article his parents state they’re not that political. Since he is homeschooled and hardly mixes with people outside his insular circle, where else could he have possibly got all his wacky ideas about “conservatism is good”?

    And what about that part when he was 8 years old (I think), he heard about some pollie going to work to filibuster?

    How the hell does an 8 year old know what a filibuster is? I had no idea until I was in my 20s!

    It’s all really dubious. Watching some of the YouTube clips made me think he’s reciting, much like Sarah Palin did during the campaign. It wasn’t from the heart, it was all rehearsed.

  2. Brian says:

    Tsk…the cheeky little scamp, eh?

  3. Reuben says:

    I bet he steals notes from his mum’s purse to buy alcohol.

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