Awesome Anecdote

By Reuben.

I know you’re all probably very sick of me bantering on about Christian fundamentalists, but I just have to share this little anecdote from one:

This past spring I was expelled from my high school. Why? Because I’m a Christian. There was a girl in my class who was wiccan, and I didn’t want demons to possess me or anyone else and save her from satan. So, I told her that her faith was evil and told her to accept Jesus as Savior and she would be saved. Simple as that. Just say the sinners prayer and you can be saved!
Well I got sent to the principal for that. She said I was ‘discriminating’ against her religion. I was only doing what the Bible, God, Jesus and my pastor said! How is that wrong!?
Well, afterwards I was forced to aplologize, even though it’s a sin to, so I never meant what I said. So, instead I put a copy of a Jack Chick tract in her locker about how wicca and a paganism lead to murder, rape and other horrible things because it lets the devil get inside of you. I also left a little note about how she was going to hell. I was hoping she would see the error of her ways and repent from the evil, disgusting ‘religion’.
Instead I was called down to the principal again and this time there were two police officers there. And they said I was under arrest for harrasing this girl and threatening her! What did I do? I just wanted her to accept Jesus and be saved! Now her family (all evil, stupid, disgusting god hating wiccans) want to sue me for discrimination and creating a hostile workplace! How is that fair? She’s the one who’s discriminating against me because I’m one with the LORD!
Jesus is the only way to salvation! It’s that simple people! No pope, wicca, or anything stupid like that! JESUS ONLY! Why is is wrong to tell others that? It’s all the fault of the ACLU and simlar atheist organizations trying to destroy us Christians. Next they’ll want to genocide us for doing our Godly work.

Then, for the token intellectual gesture, I ask of you: does the intrinsic nature of religion harbour such madness?


43 Responses to Awesome Anecdote

  1. Brian says:

    She shouldn’t have called the police in. If I was her I’d have started constructing a huge wicker man at the back of the classroom and watched the colour slowly drain from the little twat’s face.

  2. Nick says:

    the trolls are getting better .__.

  3. Reuben says:

    Is that because you set such a wide precedent, Nick?

  4. Sanders says:

    Witchcraft (relating to magic, sorcery, and Satanism) is something I would not recommend.

  5. Reuben says:

    Whyever not Sam?

  6. nlthinking says:

    You mean aside from it being a pointless belief, without reason and (even worse than most of those) likely to have you descriminated against?

  7. Brian says:

    “You mean aside from it being a pointless belief, without reason and (even worse than most of those) likely to have you descriminated against?”

    Are we still talking about Wicca here, or have we moved back onto the subject of Christianity?

  8. Sanders says:

    Evil is real.

  9. Reuben says:

    No justifications for this discrimination. Obviously the God of Logic (Zeus) is having a tea party on Pluto.

  10. Sanders says:

    I’m not saying you personally have to believe the supernatural (because you but your belief in ‘if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist’) but I know it exists.

  11. Reuben says:

    Wow!!!1! Atheism disproved.

  12. Reuben says:

    C’mon Oskar? You’re a fellow atheist. How could what we stand for be destroyed by half a paragraph?

  13. Brian says:

    “Evil is real.”

    Actually, ‘evil’ is just the individual or group interpretation of an activity or belief that conflicits with said individual/group’s cultural and/or ethical identity — with the exception of Rolf Harris, of course, who everybody without exception recognises as a truly evil bastard.

  14. Sanders says:

    Evil is the doing of something not good. When you buy something, after awhile it has sentimental value, this is something you cannot see, yet, you know it exists. Atheism is rather like the supernatural as we have never seen an ape change into a human, yet, interestingly atheists do not believe in the supernatural. Odd.

  15. Reuben says:

    Sam, you’ve failed to grasp even the basics of atheism – let alone theism. Why don’t you try a) Reading a few books on the topic b) Justifying your statements c) Stop contradicting the most basic of evolutionary theory.

  16. Reuben says:

    Isn’t ‘bad’ the doing of something not good? Personally, I don’t think evil can really be sensibly applied to any modern-day case examples and is thus redundant. If we were to say something ‘exists’ on the basis of our intuition, then we haven’t an argument at all – just a thought…and of course, that can be brought down to physics anyway.

  17. Brian says:

    Actually, ‘Good’ is also subjective to an individual/group’s cultural and/or ethical identity, being it the antithesis of ‘Evil’, and therefore little more than a personal bias.

    “…interestingly atheists do not believe in the supernatural.”

    No…that’s because they don’t believe in God. The clue’s in the definition, you see.

  18. Sanders says:

    You relate God to the supernatural when actually I was referring to poltergeists, ghosts, human spirits and that of a non-Godly nature. But I forgot how much you atheists like to boast your ‘belief’. Can’t discuss anything that is supernatural after all I am talking about God, (this is sarcasm for all you fuck-wits that won’t get this).

  19. Bruce says:

    Why did you wave the crazy magnet about, Reuben?

  20. Brian says:

    “…this is sarcasm for all you fuck-wits that won’t get this…”

    Thanks for the hint. I’ll look out for it in future.

  21. Reuben says:

    On a logical scale, Sam, the supernatural is just as mad/irrational etc as talking about God. There might be finer details relating to the different forms of superstition, but this is not the topic of this post.

    Wow! Again with the anti-Atheism. Are you getting paid by the Pentecostals Sam?

  22. Sanders says:

    No. I just don’t like people boasting about what they believe. You remind me of Jehovahs Witnesses. I mean you believe there is no God (that is the definition of atheism), yet, you constantly keep talking about it.

    I think the idea of supernatural forces has everything to do with the post Reuben. It is about a Wicca and a Christian ‘battling’ as to who is following the ‘right’ life. I believe supernatural forces do exist and affect people in the world, just because we cannot measure or understand the effects doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Interesting links to understand what I mean by the umbrella term ‘supernatural’.

  23. Reuben says:

    Boasting? What are you talking about? This blog is intended to be about religion and my contribution is an atheistic one. I don’t expect people to become atheists, unlike Jehovas Witnesses nor do I wish that everyone’d become an atheist. I don’t think you really understand atheism – and thus misinterpret what I’m saying.

    As for supernatural stuff, I’m curious as to why you think they exist. What epistemological pathway (other than logic and evidence) did you take to come to that belief?

  24. Hannah says:

    It’s funny Reuben, but I simply cannot muscle myself up to explain what you have already explained so eloquently. “If they do’t believe us now, then they’ll never believe us.”- Morrissey (although I think Mozza was talking about being an indie kid rather than an athiest, which is practically interchangable nowerdays anyway, so)
    Consider me de-lurked.

  25. Sanders says:

    I, my family, my friends, people I know have all experienced the paranormal. Experience.

    I don’t understand atheism? I think that’s your problem.
    “Do you believe in God?”
    “No I’m atheist”
    –End of Discussion–

  26. Reuben says:

    How is your ignorance my problem? And hopefully you’ll justify your faith and its epistemological pathway before August.

    Personal experience is subjective and therefore meaningless. In the past I’ve felt as if I were near a ghost – but now that I think about it, that’s an unreasonable supposition.

  27. Sanders says:

    You can be agnostic towards the supernatural but I believe it exists. Reuben if you think experience is meaningless you’re the ignorant one. We learn through experience. Also it is not as subjective if it is from multiple points of view as were my paranormal events.

    To think there is just one dimension in life known as ‘reality’ is quite pointless in logic’s eyes. I feel there is more to life than our 80 years, how pointless is it that we live for a period of time and then die? Humans are so complex. However, in society today, whenever philosophy is discussed and someone put forwards an idea involving the supernatural it seems to be put down as “your a nutjob”. Which is disappointing. I guess people have this dependency on science and whatever they put forward is correct.

  28. Reuben says:

    I think experience is very useful on a personal level – but when explaining phenomena in the world, it’s fairly useless. It’s also subjective, as I’ve said.

    Why do you think we need to have ‘more to logic’?

  29. Brian says:

    “…how pointless is it that we live for a period of time and then die?”

    Extremely pointless, I’d say. Take Robbert for example…

  30. Sanders says:

    What Reuben? more to logic? I said more to life.

  31. Sanders says:

    Are you atheist because you think it makes you clever?

  32. Oskar says:

    Can I ask what kinds of “paranormal” experience you have had? What about them makes you so convinced that they are genuinely paranormal? I think the answers to these will clarify your opinion.
    I feel that what many people are convinced are “supernatural” occurrences are just occurrences that defy common sense. It is, for example, impossible to justify lightning from common sense, yet it is general consensus by almost everyone now that lightning is not a supernatural event.

  33. Sanders says:

    Well… I had this cellar in the UK and huming/loud noises came from it. The climey was sealed off so no wind. Basically it was haunted. Even my Mum got a bit freaked out at times. An old lady lived there before and probably passed away there. Apparently she liked spending time in the cellar because it was ‘chilled’ (as in coolish). This happened regularly. I don’t think in Australia you experience much paranormal activity due to its lower population and what not. You may laugh but when you 12 years old home alone hearing noises from your cellar its fucking scary.

  34. Brian says:

    “I had this cellar in the UK and huming/loud noises came from it.”

    It wasn’t next door to an old hippy, was it?

  35. Sanders says:

    Lol I wish buddy but our neighbours cellar was sealed off.

  36. Reuben says:

    No, I don’t Sam. Do you seriously think you can win an argument based solely on Ad Hominem arguments?

  37. Oskar says:

    Reuben, using latin doesn’t make you smart, stop repeating yourself. I think that most of the communication problems in the world could be solved by people not using unnecessarily complicated words just because they wish to appear intelegent.

    In response to your experience, Sam, I can only ask if you really think that, given what else you know about the world, it is more likely that what you heard was a ghost than any tested phenomenon?

    Also, if ghosts did exist, then they would not be supernatural, just as there are sure to be countless phenomena that we have yet to naturally explain, a natural explanation that takes into account actions of the deceased is possible, though I think it on the verge of impossibility.

  38. Reuben says:

    Maybe, Oskar. But it’s actually a legal term to describe exactly what is happening here.

    What peeves me the most is when people assume that when science can’t explain a phenomena, they automatically assume science can NEVER solve it. This is especially applicable in ‘debates’ over evolution (not that there’s much to debate on its veracity). Dawkins dubbed it the ‘god of the gaps’ – a logic fallacy where if A doesn’t equal C, it is assumed it, instead, = D. Uncertainty is a crucial part of science.

  39. Oskar says:

    Also, this all started because Reuben challanged your rejection of wicca. Is the ‘encounter’ with the gohst the only reason you have for this?

  40. Brian says:

    My wastepaper basket’s made of wicker and it’s not evil at all. Except when my cat leaves one of his presents in it.

  41. Oskar says:

    “Uncertainty is a crucial part of science”
    Tell me about it! I seem to spend most of my time in labs trying to calculate numerical uncertainties for every damn value.

  42. Sanders says:

    Well maybe there is a natural, logical way to explain the supernatural?

  43. Reuben says:

    Then it wouldn’t be supernatural anymore, Sam. It would be observable phenomena just like the moon, wind or waves. When seeking an explanation for something alarming or inexplicable, I try to think in rational terms; irrational terms generates more questions than answers.

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